About ARE Ltd.

About ARE:
Advanced Resources Equipment (ARE) Limited is Advantech’s exclusive distributor of embedded pc, Applied computing solutions, Industrial automation hardware and software for a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial clients in Hong Kong and Macau.

Our Service:
Besides we provide the ePlatform and eAutomation solution, our experienced and highly trained engineering team are responsible to our client’s project, from consulting and component selection to after-sales support and maintenance.

Our Mission:
ARE provides high quality products and services to fulfill our client’s requirement. Our mission is made the System integrators’ idea come true.

Our Focused market:
Our products and service are marketed to major clients in the following fields of industry:
  • Machine Automation
  • Digital Signage
  • Medical computing
  • Intelligent Building
  • Transportation
  • Energy management


ARE and Advantech 3-Circle Principle is based on "Good to Great" written by Jim Collins. According to the book, a company looking for long-term success should clearly address the 3-fundamental principles, and commit to long-term solid execution of these principles. Advantech is fully convinced by this theory so we adhere to it by clearly defining Advantech's 3-Circle Principle as above.