Intelligent Transportation for Future SAFE Cities
Advantech is committed to providing long-term cooperation and reliable platform solutions that enable intelligent transportation in cities all over the world. With a decade of successful experience, especially in China, Advantech is there to assist customers in building transportation solutions that are SAFE: with Smart development & management, Accurate sensor data for real-time control, Fast forecasting to avoid traffic congestion, and Environmental protection, with reduced traffic & carbon emissions.

Real Estate Intelligence

Real Estate Intelligence is a set of integrated technology solutions that aims to simplify the way people interact with technology in life. Advantech provides a series of solutions for the home, office building, hospitality, and retailing environment, delivering users a happier life and work-style.

Industrial Automation & Green Energy
Advantech is devoted to developing environmentally-friendly technologies through building automation and energy management solutions and by getting involved with renewable energy systems. With Advantech’s Energy Management System, users can monitor, control, and conserve energy in buildings and organizations. In addition, Advantech’s industrial-grade, rugged, and reliable system components are suitable for outdoor and harsh applications, in such diverse fields as wind power, solar energy, and other renewable energy applications.

Mobile Resource Management
Advantech Vehicle Computing & Fleet Management solutions provide industrial-grade vehicle mounted computers, portable computer, and Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for fleet management, law enforcement, and logistics & warehousing applications.


Machine Automation
Advantech offers flexible PAC solutions based on IEC 61131-3 SoftLogic, PLCopen motion control function blocks and remote diagnostic utilities, providing solutions in both centralized and decentralized motion control architectures. These solutions are aimed at satisfying the demanding requirements of various industrial applications, including solar cell manufacturing, electronics manufacturing and packaging. Advantech’s new PAC-based solutions provide integrated operation, runtime and downtime information into MES/CIM systems to improve the production yield rate and optimized usage of all the facilities.