Industrial Automation & Green Energy

Advantech is devoted to developing environmentally-friendly technologies through building automation and energy management solutions and by getting involved with renewable energy systems. With Advantech’s Energy Management System, users can monitor, control, and conserve energy in buildings and organizations. In addition, Advantech’s industrial-grade, rugged, and reliable system components are suitable for outdoor and harsh applications, in such diverse fields as wind power, solar energy, and other renewable energy applications.


Building Automation & Energy Management
Integrated facility management systems are becoming more popular as they help make building operations run more efficiently through advanced control and connectivity. In addition to integrated facility management, video surveillance systems...readmore
Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management
Advantech has been dedicated to developing Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management Systems for many years, especially in dealing with the unique requirements for the water industry. Advantech’s value-added systems and solutions through high-volume SCADA and advanced web-based technology allow users to monitor and operate processes anytime, anywhere...readmore
Machine Automation & Factory Automation
Advantech prides itself on being a leading industrial solutions provider, with over 25 years experience creating robust and reliable industrial products. Advantech’s solutions are rooted in factory and machine automation markets, from automatic testing machines and machine inspection, to production...readmore