Building Automation

Increase Energy Efficiency with Open and Web-enabled Technologies

Integrated facility management systems are becoming more popular as they help make building operations run more efficiently through advanced control and connectivity. In addition to integrated facility management, video surveillance systems offer advanced security for facility managers. Advantech’s Building Automation and Energy Management Solutions offer browser-based software and comprehensive hardware packages for a variety of applications, including Advantech WebAccess, Advantech’s BACnet controllers and remote I/O modules, energy data concentrators, and power meters. It enables engineers, system integrators and equipment manufacturers to maintain and upgrade their systems remotely.
Integrated Facility Management Systems
Integrated Facility Management Systems enable facility managers to orchestrate various building automation systems within one or multiple facilities. Remote management capabilities help maximize energy efficiency for many applications, such as HVAC, lighting, and surveillance.
HVAC System Management
Reducing power usage of HVAC equipment is the most effective way to decrease costs as it is a major source of power consumption. Executing energy saving methods through employing cooling storage, improving cooling towers, and adopting secondary chilled water pumps is useful to optimize energy efficiency.
Lighting Control Systems
Lighting systems are secondary parts of power consumption. By implementing automated lighting control systems and daylighting schemes as well as offering environmentally friendly lighting is very important for facility managers.
Video Surveillance Systems
Video surveillance systems play an increasingly important role in the security of building automation. They offer secure environments and protect assets for multiple buildings by continuously improving the images which are monitored, analyzed, and archived to enhance effectiveness.


Product Solutions

Advantech WebAccess Advantech BEMS PowerView
Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software Building Energy Management Software HD Video Surveillance
Industrial Computers
4U 14-Slot Rackmount Chassis
BACnet & Modbus DDC Controller
5-port Industrial Ethernet Switch
BAS-3000BC ADAM-2520Z
BACnet I/O Modules Wireless Modbus RTU Gateway


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