Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management

SCADA Software with Video Surveillance and Real-time I/O Solutions

Advantech has been dedicated to developing Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management Systems for many years, especially in dealing with the unique requirements for the water industry. Advantech’s value-added systems and solutions through high-volume SCADA and advanced web-based technology allow users to monitor and operate processes anytime, anywhere. Moreover, Advantech offers a wide range of video surveillance, communication, and data acquisition modules with various interfaces. These systems are built with redundant topologies that can be reliably operated even over a long distances and easily integrated with other GPRS systems as well.
Water & Wastewater Treatment
Water & wastewater treatment plants consist of treatment pools, mixers, pH control pools, and precipitation pools, requiring different process functions and equipment. APAX-5000 & Advantech’s Open Embedded Controllers, integrated with Advantech WebAccess, provide complex process capabilities and quality control.
Pipeline Monitoring
Remote monitoring of pipeline pressure, temperature, flow and leakage is necessary and crucial. Advantech’s GPRS device servers, along with APAX-5000 & ADAM- 4000/6000, serve as remote monitoring devices. Advantech WebAccess is installed in the central room to monitor values and assess pipeline operations.
Pumping Station Monitoring & Control
When controlling and maintaining many pump stations remotely, remote transaction is a key issue. Advantech’s GPRS devices, Wireless LAN, and fiber optic capabilities provide reliable transaction inquiries, while the APAX-5000 standalone controller handles process applications.
Disaster Prevention
Advantech’s real-time monitoring & control system allows users to not only monitor I/O information from the field, but also provide video surveillance displays through Advantech’s redundant X-ring topology to ensure reliable communications.


Product Solutions

Advantech WebAccess
Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software
RS-232/422/485 to GPR IP Gateway
UNO-1100H APAX-5620
DIN-rail PCs with Class I, Division 2 Certification PAC with XScale® CPU and CANopen
H.264 IP Video Server
ADAM-4000 ADAM-2051PZ
RS-485 I/O Modules Wireless 8-ch Digital Input Node with Power Amplifier


Application Stories