Machine Automation & Factory Automation

Highly Flexible Control Systems and Trusted Embedded Solutions

Advantech prides itself on being a leading industrial solutions provider, with over 25 years experience creating robust and reliable industrial products. Advantech’s solutions are rooted in factory and machine automation markets, from automatic testing machines and machine inspection, to production, packing and process automation, Advantech not only offers rugged products, but provides professional consulting services to help its suitable customers develop successful applications for a variety of different applications. Now with products that meet the Class I, Division 2 certification for use in hazardous environments, Advantech extends the reach of its professional products even further.
Automatic Testing and Inspection
Quality control systems have become very expensive in recent years, creating the demand for more costeffective alternatives. Along with automatic testing and inspection systems, Advantech’s products help reduce human error and accelerate time to market.
Production Automation
Open, embedded architectures with excellent expansion capabilities and high compatibility, and flexible and scalable PACs allow Advantech’s customers integrate equipment from a wide range of manufacturers into their systems, and help them meet ever-changing market demands.
Packing Automation
Delivering a high degree of durability with a low total cost of ownership is a key factor for efficient packaging. By integrating a high-precision motors and high-speed data acquisition cards, packaging machines are able to improve performance greatly, setting up flexible systems that can reduce costs at the same time.
Process Control
High computing systems with scalable architectures and time-deterministic control are important factors for process control systems. Advantech’s solutions allow customers to integrate production information into MES and CIM systems, and fulfill discrete, batch and continuous process control.


Product Solutions

12.1” Touch Panel Computer
UNO-3084 APAX-5000
Wallmount Automation Computer Programmable Automation Computer


8Gx Managed Ethernet Switch
PCI-1245/1265 PCI-1710U
Motion Control Universal PCI Card Multifunction
PCI Card
AMAX-1240 ADAM-4000/ ADAM-6000
High performance 4-axis AMONet Motion Slave Module Remote I/O Modules


Application Stories