Machine Automation

Advantech offers flexible PAC solutions based on IEC 61131-3 SoftLogic, PLCopen motion control function blocks and remote diagnostic utilities, providing solutions in both centralized and decentralized motion control architectures. These solutions are aimed at satisfying the demanding requirements of various industrial applications, including solar cell manufacturing, electronics manufacturing and packaging. Advantech’s new PAC-based solutions provide integrated operation, runtime and downtime information into MES/CIM systems to improve the production yield rate and optimized usage of all the facilities.


Automatic Optical Inspection System
Automated optical inspections are necessary for a wide range of products, such as printed circuit boards, LCD's, transistors and more. Advantech's PCB-inspection solution provides one system which can handle both high-speed machine control and 3D visual quality inspection at the same time to save costs, increase reliability, and speed up the entire inspection process.

SMT/PCM Industry
According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors doubles on integrated circuits every 18 months. This shows that the electronic components become smaller and more complex as technology improves. For SMT/PCB board, same story applies. More components are needed to be implemented and the gaps between pins are narrower.


Case Studies

Machine Automation