Intelligent Transportation for Future SAFE Cities

Advantech is committed to providing long-term cooperation and reliable platform solutions that enable intelligent transportation in cities all over the world. With a decade of successful experience, especially in China, Advantech is there to assist customers in building transportation solutions that are SAFE: with Smart development & management, Accurate sensor data for real-time control, Fast forecasting to avoid traffic congestion, and Environmental protection, with reduced traffic & carbon emissions.

Transportation Infrastructure


Automatic Fare Collection
Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) is an automated system for rail transportation that performs ticket vending, ticket checking, fare calculation, fare collection, statistics, clearing, and management tasks; it uses computers, communication networks, and automatic control technology...readmore
Fire Alarm System
The FAS (Fire Alarm System) in Beijing Subway Line 4 provides dual management, comprising a main controller (control center) and subordinate controllers (stations, yards, and depots). A hazard prevention monitoring center located in the control center is responsible for receiving warning signals and alarms...readmore
After the 911 attacks in the US and the subway bombing in London, governments of many countries strengthened their protection against unconventional attacks and accidents that may cause large-scale injury and loss of life...readmore
Highway Surveillance and ETC Service
China’s booming economy has led to an increase in automobiles, and a growing need for roads. The Chinese highway system is currently exploding by an average of 3,000 km per year, and serves upwards of 50 million vehicles; traffic violations have risen correspondingly...readmore
Parking Lot Monitoring System
Parking lots are places with intense security concerns, and we see more and more video cameras installed in these locations. Thanks to advancements in computer technology, parking lot monitoring systems are today more intelligent than ever, not only capable of recording images but also of analyzing recorded data and issuing event alerts...readmore
Airport Video Wall Controller System
A Chinese international airport was seeking to replace its old LED flight summary boards with a state-of-the-art video wall that, in addition to the conventional flight details that keep passengers on time, would also display airport promotional materials, destination information and other vibrant content...readmore
Railroad PSCADA System
For modern railroad systems, a reliable supply of electrical power is a matter of life and death. Power substations along rail lines transform voltage from the city grid into voltage suitable for trains. The equipment in these power substations requires close monitoring to ensure normal operations and security...readmore
Control Room
The rail and subway integrated supervisory and control system (ISCS) focuses on passengers, the overall environment, and safety equipment; it provides abundant information and emergency response solutions ensuring safe train deployment and activity...readmore


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